Doubel thruster Harness


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Black strap-on vibrator with a large outer vibrator and a small inner vibrator. The large vibrator (17 cm long, Ø 3-4.3 cm) is slightly curved and is used for penetrating a partner (the passive one). The small vibrator (9.3 cm long, Ø 3.8-4.2 cm) penetrates the person wearing the harness (the active one). Both vibrators have bulging glans, pronounced veins and 10 vibration modes that can be controlled with the remote control on a wire. The remote control can be placed into the small loop on the harness so that the hands are free to do other things. There are 12 holes in the harness so that the circumference can be adjusted from 78 cm to 108 cm. The string is 96 cm long and can be adjusted to fit.
Material: silicone, ABS, PU, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH. Please order batteries separately: 3 x Micro/AAA.

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Doubel thruster Harness

Doubel thruster Harness


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